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I am a highly motivated social media and communications professional. I have experience across marketing including social media, internal communication, and external communication. I have primarily worked in healthcare marketing but my experience has helped me develop a wide range of transferable skills that I hope to apply in the larger marketing industry. 

My main areas of focus are social media and business communication. Social media is a large part of how businesses and individuals communicate today. No company is complete without a social media presence. But social media in the business sphere is not casual and it can't be developed on the fly. To be successful with social media, you need to have a strong social media strategy in place. In my past positions, I have utilized social media along with other digital platforms to communicate brand offerings with key stakeholders in an efficient and clear manner.

Communication is an important part of how businesses function and operate both internally and externally. Without effective communication, ideas can't be shared, brands can't be developed and miscommunication can run rampant. In my past positions, I have used internal communications to communicate brand image and message to employees and external corporate marketing to communicate the brand image to external stakeholders, potential clients, and potential employees​.

Social Media

My experience includes:

  • Corporate social media channel management (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram)

  • Content creation and development

  • Social strategy​​

  • Competitive audits
  • Social listening and crisis monitoring​

Corporate Marketing & Communications

My experience includes:

  • Employee engagement, event planning, employee communications, & HR relations

  • Internal brand development, company integration communications, company culture events, & messaging

  • Brand messaging development, external website management, and content creation​

  • Corporate PR outreach and thought leadership development

  • PR pitching, media list development, market research, and competitive research

  • Thought leadership ghostwriting, bio and boilerplate development

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